by Jonah Goldberg

Mostly positive responses so far. A sampling of pro and con emails:

No! No glossaries!

Let them google their puzzlement over basic vocabulary terms such as “borking”. Let them search the NRO archives for references to volcano lancing and try to understand if it be humor.

We cannot learn if we do not study.


A Mean, Old, Conservative,



Making a Wiki for NRO is genius! It took me a while to catch up with a lot
of the running jokes when I started visiting NRO in 2002, so I feel for
those who are just coming in now – with all the new running jokes thanks to
The Corner!

May I suggest, however, that you have some sort of safeguard in it. When
you’ve had it up long enough to identify some of your best contributors,
make them moderators so that malicious liberals can’t sabotage the project.
Just a thought.

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