Laser Guy

by Jonah Goldberg

So many thoughts.

First of all, I hope nothing he does discredits in any way the important mission of airborne laser volcano lancing.

Second, given this guys monumental stupidity, I have to hand it to his wife for being willing to hold his hand at the courthouse. For better, for worse, for chronically idiotic.

Third, several readers have asked me if I think it’s overkill to go after him with the Patriot Act. Shannen or Andy McCarthy would be better qualified to answer that. But it seems to me that precedent probably matters. Mucking around with the air-traffic system is something we really, really want to discourage. Yes, this might lend credence to critics of the Patriot Act who worry about mission-creep (a somewhat fair concern, if you ask me). But I just don’t know enough about the laws on the books to answer the question intelligently.

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