Apparently, the Tax Reform Bill Is Killing and Raping Americans

by Philip H. DeVoe

At first, critics of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act attacked the bill as “harmful” to the middle class and “beneficial” to the top earners. Ever since its passage, however, the arguments have become far more extreme and far less relevant to tax reform. Now, if the bill’s detractors are to be believed, those who support the bill are guilty of:

Raping the middle class

Yes, that’s former Reagan and George W. Bush adviser Bruce Bartlett.

Murdering the poor

Economist Larry Summers managed to calculate the exact number of Americans the bill would murder:

The ComPost, a semi-satirical Washington Post blog, alleged the Senate would come to regret passing a bill “providing for an asteroid hitting the middle class.”

Some kept it personal:

While others took a much more general route:

Murdering America and her values

Grand theft

A mortal sin

Being a cinematic villain


All things considered, this over-reaction is good for one thing: It’s quite easy to mock.

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