The Washington Post Laments the Rising Cost of Condoms in Venezuela

by Philip H. DeVoe

The situation in Venezuela is getting worse. As the Washington Post reports on its Snapchat news channel, the rising price of condoms and birth control has forced some sexually active Venezuelans either to resort to extreme safety measures or abandon them entirely.

“I inherited my best friend’s condoms when he left the country to move to the United States,” reads a quote from Andres Rodriguez. “Sometimes we just share them between friends. This is the sharing economy.” Thankfully, even though the used condom malfunctioned, Rodriguez’s girlfriend did not become pregnant. “Can you imagine?” Rodriguez asks. “In this economy? What a disaster.”

Yorlenis Guiterrez was not so fortunate. She “couldn’t find birth control, but . . . wasn’t going to stop having sex,” and now, the Post sympathizes, she’s pregnant with “a second child she can barely afford to feed.”

Though the Post laments the tragedy, still absent is an admittance of its cause. Venezuela, the paper suggests, is merely undergoing ‘a recession.’”

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