Eleven Points (Not Commandments!)

by Jay Nordlinger

Concerning Jack’s post, a few observations:

1) I have never liked the “Eleventh Commandment.” (I like the other ten.)

2) You know who didn’t abide by it? Reagan. He challenged a sitting Republican president for the GOP presidential nomination. And whenever he wanted to criticize one of his fellow Republicans — he did.

3) Trump is pretty good about criticizing fellow Republicans. In fact, he does it with abandon, pretty much every day. You want to scold someone, scold him.

4) I am a journalist, not a party official. Usually, we are in the business of encouraging candor, not the opposite.

5) I did not say that attacking Thune is patriotic. I said that demanding people shut up about what they believe is not very American.

6) Jack talks about “keep[ing] controversies in-house.” What is the “house”? The GOP? America? A senator takes an oath to the Constitution, not to a political party. A political party is not a mafia.

7) The likes of Goldwater did not like the direction and nature of the GOP. Should they have shut up? Kept the controversies in-house?

8) I will say again: Trump bragged about causing stocks to plunge. He wrote, “Health Insurance stocks, which have gone through the roof during the ObamaCare years, plunged yesterday after I ended their Dems windfall!”

If a Democratic president said such a thing, conservatives would be all over him like ugly on ape. And we would be right.

9) I admire people, in either party, who are willing to criticize their own. Who are willing to say what they consider true or important, regardless of R’s and D’s. This is especially admirable when the criticism costs them something.

10) National Review magazine has spent a lifetime — since 1955 — criticizing the Republican party, along with the Democratic party. In fact, our criticisms of the R’s have probably been more acute, because we tend to care about that party more.

11) I may not believe in the Eleventh Commandment — I’m not even a Republican (as I explained here)! — but I certainly believe in Jack Fowler: one of the greatest people God ever made, and a blessing to all who know him (outstandingly me).

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