The Way to a President’s Heart Is … Through His Hands?

by Jay Nordlinger

In his column today, Rich Lowry says, essentially, “The GOP is Trump’s party now.” Is it ever. Republican politicians across the country are doing what they can to curry Trump’s favor. I think Michael Grimm, however, has taken the cake.

He is a onetime congressman from New York City who is fresh from prison. He’s running for his old seat, trying to wrest the GOP nomination from the incumbent.

You recall, from the 2016 presidential cycle, the kerfuffle over the size of Donald Trump’s hands. According to reports, he is sensitive on this subject. The candidate himself declared, “Look at these hands! These are the hands that hit a golf ball 285 yards.” Okay, then.

Well, feast your eyes on this paragraph from an article about Grimm by Olivia Nuzzi, of New York magazine:

Grimm admits he’s only met Trump a few times, and never in a meaningful way. As a congressman, he’d visited the president’s Trump Tower office as a formality more than anything else, just like every other New York politician. But his impression of Trump, he told me, was a lasting and positive one — so positive, in fact, that if the president were the kind of person who paid close attention to his press coverage, he might come across Grimm complimenting him effusively. “I remember saying to myself, I never realized what a large man — I mean stature-wise, he’s a big man, with massive hands,” Grimm said, outstretching his own regular hands above the table. “I don’t have small hands, but when I shook hands with him, the first time I shook hands with him, I realized he was a big man.” He sensed my skepticism. “He is!” he said, defensively. “I thought they were pretty big. You don’t think so? I thought he had a big, strong grip. I’m dead serious.” He went on about how Trump is “a pretty big guy” and “not a small man even for his height” and how his hands were “more like a workman’s hands” than those of “a CEO.”

Heh. Nice play, Grimm. You may have a future in politics after all.

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