Volcano Defense Initiative

by Jonah Goldberg

See the first item on the list from my Odd Link Gal:

Orbiting Solar Panels to Shoot Energy to Earth in the Form of Laser Beams. What could possibly go wrong?   Most frightening ancient weapons.   And the world’s strangest tanks.   Recipe for Bacon Peanut Brittle.   Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the guru who introduced the Beatles to transcendental meditation, has died.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Spaceship Captains.
High speed photography is now down to the attosecond range.
  OK – this creeps me out.  Wikipedia article du jour, with pics:  A ‘rat king” is a giant rat beast created when many rats get their tails tangled together; the rats then grow together into a single creepy entity.  There’s a mummified one in a German museum.   Link   Amazing, gorgeous macro photo of a dragonfly covered with dew.   Scientists create ‘no tears’ onions – Yahoo! News   This couch is an exact replica of an Aston Martin DB6 rear end.  Link   Here’s a video of A man peeling a banana using his buttocks.   Here’s a burger-cooking attachment for your tailpipe.   End of the World: 10 Disasters That Could End It All At Any Given Second.   Turning physics on its ear - a perpetual motion machine.


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