Super-volcano update

by Jonah Goldberg

From a reader:


The claim that the as a result of the Toba eruption (some 75,000 years ago) “the human
race nearly became extinct” is highly contentious among researchers:

In a recent paper, Clive Oppenheimer (Cambridge University) points out:

“Along with counter arguments regarding the timing of any demographic crash, there remain major gaps in our understanding of the ?74 kyr BP Toba eruption that hinder attempts to model its global atmospheric and climatic, and hence human consequences. The tephra record reveals basic aspects of the eruption style but calculations of the duration, and hence intensity and plume height of the event, are poorly constrained. Furthermore, estimates of the sulphur yield of the erupting magma, central to predictions of its atmospheric and climatic impacts, vary by two orders of magnitude (3.5-330×1010 kg). Previous estimates of globally averaged surface cooling of 3-5°C after the eruption are probably too high; a figure closer to 1°C appears more realistic. The volcanological uncertainties need to be appreciated before accepting arguments for catastrophic consequences of the Toba super-eruption.”

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P.S. The threat posed by volcanic eruptions has recently been downgraded, see also [this ]

Me: That’s all fine and good. But what does a guy have to do around here to get some planes with some frick’n lasers to lance volcanoes with?

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